What We Do

Our Major Goal
To provide an empowerment that will develop the necessary economic and social skills to equip all so as to play an effective role in the ministry and society as a whole.

We do one on one evangelism by reaching out through visitations to homes,markets,public offices,schools,etc and conducting open air meetings.
We have have established church based new believers classes teaching them fundamental truths.
Church Planting
We have continued to carry out evangelism to both urban and rural areas and planted up to 9 church fellowships as at present. We are doing this and after planting we set up a leadership structure.
Guiding and Counselling

We have set up guiding and counselling centres in every of our churches where the widows,youths,couples and orphan kids and the HIV/Aids victims are counselled through the word of God for the purpose of restoring the concerned persons to have hope in life. We have continued to see God's impact in this.

Hospital ministry

We are commiteed to carrying out hospital ministry once every week. In every area our church has been established, we have set up a team of at least 2 or more that visit the local hospital and pray for the sick therein and mainly the inpatients we have seen impact in this practice. God has been at many times glorified.

Leadership training

We are committed to training our leaders in the ministry through organizing seminars/workshps by bringing in one central place all the targeted leaders and train them.

EvaCaring for the orphans and other vulnerable children-centre and schools

As at current the ministry is carrying out the caring for the orphans and other vulnerable kids through centres and schools. We have at present three orphanage centres and schools and these are:

(1) Eden Rock Grace Centre and School under Chwele FWF church eith Pastor Patrick Simiyu Walibwa.

(2) Ebenezer Children Care and School under Watoya FWF church with Pastor Fredrick Wabwire Barasa.

(3) Pecatrol Christian Home and School with Pastor Peter Simiyu Juma. (Namamuka FWF) Church